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Guangdong TianBi Ceramics Adds Two More Items

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Zhang Qingwei  

On the afternoon of December 13, 2019, in the room of Guangdong Tianying Ceramics Conference, experts conducted project appraisal on the two newly developed products of Tianying Ceramics: "sprayed water ripple cloud water stone" and ultra-low gloss "natural stone". After rigorous inspection and inquiry on the spot, in the end, the "Inkjet Water Ripple Water Raw Stone" product pioneered by Teana was appraised by the expert group and reached the international leading level. Teana's ultra-low gloss "natural rough" has won the international advanced level.

The new product identification of Tianyi was jointly organized by Guangdong Ceramics Association and Guangdong Building Materials Industry Association. At the beginning of the event, Chen Huan, the president of the Guangdong Ceramics Association, introduced the members of the expert group at the event.

The professor of South China University of Technology Zeng Lingke served as the leader of the expert group of the appraisal meeting. The other six members of the expert group are: Professor Rao Pinggen, Expert Committee of Guangdong Ceramics Association, Chen Zhenguang, Guangdong Ceramics Association, Guo Weijia, Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute, Guangdong Province. Building Material Industry Expert Committee Jiang Xianyi, Guangdong Light Industry Vocational Technical College Huang Bin, National Ceramics, Plumbing and Sanitary Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Area Zhuo Yi.

At the scene of the appraisal meeting, Wang Chengdong, the director of the technology department of Tianhua Ceramics, introduced the development and technology of two new products of Tianhua's "printing water ripple cloud water stone" and Tianhua ultra-low gloss "natural stone".

It is understood that the traditional decorative effect of polished tiles is single. In order to better reflect the decorative effect of the brick surface, the ceramic inkjet printing technology is effectively combined with the traditional polishing powder micropowder process to achieve a simple superimposition of simple cloth texture and inkjet printed texture. While ensuring the abrasion resistance of the polished tiles, the decorative effect of the polished tiles is increased, and the spraying and spraying patterns are combined with the inkjet printing patterns to obtain an artistic ornamental overlay pattern. In the dedication to the effect of polished bricks, Teana Ceramics has endured numerous trials and finally successfully created the first "painting water ripple cloud water stone" product.

According to Wang Chengdong's introduction, the research of Tianying's "printing water ripple cloud water rough" has achieved remarkable results. Through the innovative introduction of unique ceramic surface decoration technology, it has independently developed a water spray painting system, which can accurately control the printing speed, angle and the amount of printing solution. , Water-jet pattern is spray-painted on the surface of the inkjet seepage. Use only one inkjet printing, spray or apply ink to the surface of the inkjet bleed within 60 seconds after the second powder, the first drying and throwing, and the ink bleed into the colorless or other coloring metal including tap water The fusion of the salt solution, the salt solution and the inkjet printing ink makes the inkjet printing ink color show a rich change and a natural transition, showing the artistic effect of splash painting, ink painting and antique painting.

The ultra-low-gloss "natural rough" of Tianhua Ceramics is an innovation based on the original "all-ceramic marble tiles". It combines the ultra-low-gloss glaze with traditional polished tiles to overcome the high brightness and pattern performance of traditional polished tiles. The shortcomings of the effect are not natural and delicate, and improve the current situation of poor stain resistance and anti-slip performance of traditional polished tiles. Effectively improve the functionality of polished tiles. Wang Chengdong said on the spot that Teana's ultra-low-gloss "natural rough" products have a Mohs hardness of 6, high hardness and good abrasion resistance. The surface gloss of the product is not higher than 3 gloss units, the stain resistance is up to 5, and the anti-slip performance is R11. , Obviously better than traditional polished tiles.

At the appraisal meeting, Hu Gangyong, the director of production technology of Tianhua Ceramics, respectively made a "product inspection report" and a "new search report" for the two new products. Sun Xiaofeng, deputy general manager of Tianchi Ceramics, introduced the economic benefits of the two new products and the opinions of product users on the spot. It is understood that after the product is put on the market, users respond well and have good social and economic benefits.

After listening to the relevant report, members of the expert group identified the two new products of Tianhuan “Inkjet water ripple cloud water rough” and ultra-low gloss “natural rough” on the spot, and gave them high praise. The expert group said that Teana Ceramics is an ace enterprise in the polished tile industry and has been focusing on innovation. The two new products were developed from the perspective of decorative performance and functional performance of the product, and the innovation was very obvious. The expert group unanimously hoped that the two new products could be widely used.

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In the end, with the unanimous approval of the expert appraisal committee members, the "Inkjet Water Ripple Water Raw Stone" product pioneered by Tianhua Ceramics reached the international advanced level, and the ultra-low-gloss "natural rough stone" products from Tianhua Ceramics achieved the international advanced level.

Mr. Li Youhai, General Manager of Teana Ceramics

Mr. Li Youhai, the general manager of Teana Ceramics, thanked the expert group for the identification and said that this product innovation is a key step towards green production of green products. Teana ceramics will always be consistent, constantly pursuing product innovation, and product quality and beauty. The pursuit never stops!

Group photo of expert group and business leaders

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